Order breakfast at the hotel
We are currently testing a new system for ordering breakfast a day in advance. We ask you to choose one of the dishes listed below for each guest and inform our administrator what you want to eat tomorrow morning, before 21:00. Because The dishes will be prepared for you at night; we will be happy to give them to you in the breakfast area in the morning from 09 to 11 o'clock. Thank you!
Wrap with chicken
Tender chicken breast with smoked suluguni, vegetables and signature mayonnaise-mustard sauce, wrapped in tortilla.
Vegetable wrap
Fresh vegetables, herbs, French fries with a special tender sauce, wrapped in a tortilla.
Apple pie
Delicate pie with apples and cinnamon
If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them
G. Akhvlediani, 6
+995511104467 Yuliya (Administrator)
+995595600046 Dmitriy (Manager)

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